Toys Games , Novelty Gag Toys,Acrylic,Book,Ball,Juggling,Flames,Games,Contact,$39,N,Contact,Su,+,+,/spiralizer-recipes/, Flames N Games Acrylic Contact Sale Ball Juggling Book + Su $39 Flames N Games Acrylic Contact Ball + Contact Juggling Book + Su Toys Games Novelty Gag Toys Flames N Games Acrylic Contact Sale Ball Juggling Book + Su $39 Flames N Games Acrylic Contact Ball + Contact Juggling Book + Su Toys Games Novelty Gag Toys Toys Games , Novelty Gag Toys,Acrylic,Book,Ball,Juggling,Flames,Games,Contact,$39,N,Contact,Su,+,+,/spiralizer-recipes/,

Flames N Games Acrylic Contact Sale Ball Juggling Book + Su Fresno Mall

Flames N Games Acrylic Contact Ball + Contact Juggling Book + Su


Flames N Games Acrylic Contact Ball + Contact Juggling Book + Su

Product description

Now for the first time we have a range of beautiful translucent balls in pure acrylic. Unlike polycarbonate acrylic has no resistance when rubbed against acrylic, giving effortlessly smooth multiball stacks. All of our acrylic contact balls we stock are crystal clear in the size that you choose, perfectly round and beautifully crafted!

These crystal clear acrylic contact balls are injection moulded to the highest standard and then cooled over a long period of time to ensure the material does not go cloudy or crack. Acrylic contact balls are also hard to break, but beware of rough surfaces as they can easily get scratched.

The clear acrylic contact balls look like a pure crystal ball and these offer the perfect sizes for stage performances. These balls are suitable for single ball contact juggling but are most popular for multiple ball juggling!

Note: The smaller the contact ball, the smaller the contact surface area therefore the harder to control. But this fact is then reversed because when using multiple balls it’s much easier to control smaller ones.

Always make sure to store these balls away from the sun because they can act as magnifying glasses and easily start up fires!

These acrylic contact balls also come with the perfect companion, these deluxe suede pouches keeps your contact balls safe and well protected. The drawstring closure allows you to easily insert and remove your contact ball without fuss. Each bag fits one Contact Ball.

Also included in this listing is the Contact Juggling Book by James Ernest. This 91 page book is a must have for beginners and advanced contact jugglers! Includes many diagrams that will help you master all contact moves including Butterfly transfer!

Manufactured by Flames ’N Games. For other listings, from Juggling products to Flair bottles to Slacklines to Firesticks and everything wild in between, check out our Amazon store.

Flames N Games Acrylic Contact Ball + Contact Juggling Book + Su

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