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E-Z Mix EZX70032L Disposable Mixing Cup SALENEW Max 54% OFF very popular 1 Quart Lids 10 -

E-Z Mix (EZX70032L) Disposable Mixing Cup Lids - 1 Quart Lids 10


E-Z Mix (EZX70032L) Disposable Mixing Cup Lids - 1 Quart Lids 10

Product description

Disposable Mixing Cups - 1 Qt - 100/BoxEnvironmentally smart.Economical for today`s business environment.The answer to eliminating those awkward mixing sticks.Proudly made in the U.S.A.

E-Z Mix (EZX70032L) Disposable Mixing Cup Lids - 1 Quart Lids 10

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