$86 XMH Virgin Brazilian Ombre Hair Bundles Silky Straight 3 Bundles Beauty Personal Care Hair Care Brazilian,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Straight,Virgin,Silky,/proximobuccal1298990.html,XMH,Bundles,exen.gr,$86,3,Hair,Ombre,Bundles XMH Virgin Brazilian Ombre Regular store Hair Bundles Straight 3 Silky $86 XMH Virgin Brazilian Ombre Hair Bundles Silky Straight 3 Bundles Beauty Personal Care Hair Care XMH Virgin Brazilian Ombre Regular store Hair Bundles Straight 3 Silky Brazilian,Beauty Personal Care , Hair Care,Straight,Virgin,Silky,/proximobuccal1298990.html,XMH,Bundles,exen.gr,$86,3,Hair,Ombre,Bundles

XMH Virgin Brazilian Ombre Regular Over item handling ☆ store Hair Bundles Straight 3 Silky

XMH Virgin Brazilian Ombre Hair Bundles Silky Straight 3 Bundles


XMH Virgin Brazilian Ombre Hair Bundles Silky Straight 3 Bundles

Product description

Size:16 16 16

1,--Hair Material: 100% Human Hair,Virgin Hair
2,--Hair Grade : Virgin Hair 8A grade
3,--Net Weight :100+-5g per bundle,3 Bundles to fill the full head
4,--Color: Ombre Color 1B/Grey
5,--Hair Style ,Virgin Hair straight wave style;
6,--Hair Length , 8 inch to 28 inch in stock now
7,--Hair Features ,Reinforced Double Weft , no Shedding, Tangle free, No Split Ends DHL fast shipping, 3-5days
Direct Factory Wholesale Human Hair

XMH Virgin Brazilian Ombre Hair Bundles Silky Straight 3 Bundles

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