$951 B-Air Vantage 1500 Red Commericial Dehumidifier Water Removal Us Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality B-Air Vantage 1500 Red Commericial All items in the store Removal Dehumidifier Us Water exen.gr,Removal,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,$951,Vantage,Us,Dehumidifier,Water,Commericial,Red,B-Air,/monoacetate1414431.html,1500 exen.gr,Removal,Home Kitchen , Heating, Cooling Air Quality,$951,Vantage,Us,Dehumidifier,Water,Commericial,Red,B-Air,/monoacetate1414431.html,1500 $951 B-Air Vantage 1500 Red Commericial Dehumidifier Water Removal Us Home Kitchen Heating, Cooling Air Quality B-Air Vantage 1500 Red Commericial All items in the store Removal Dehumidifier Us Water

B-Air Vantage 1500 Red Fees free!! Commericial All items in the store Removal Dehumidifier Us Water

B-Air Vantage 1500 Red Commericial Dehumidifier Water Removal Us


B-Air Vantage 1500 Red Commericial Dehumidifier Water Removal Us

From the manufacturer

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VG-1500 Blue VG-1500 Green VG-1500 Red
Voltage 115V 60HZ 115V 60HZ 115V 60HZ
Water Removal 76PPD / 150 PPD @ AHAM 76PPD / 150 PPD @ AHAM 76PPD / 150 PPD @ AHAM
Refrigerant R410 Low Gain R410 Low Gain R410 Low Gain
Amp Draw 7.36 Amps 7.36 Amps 7.36 Amps
Weight 84 lbs 84 lbs 84 lbs
Body Construction Molded Polyethylene Molded Polyethylene Molded Polyethylene
Size (L x W x H) 22.5″ x 20″ x 32″ 22.5″ x 20″ x 32″ 22.5″ x 20″ x 32″
Operating Range 33°F- 100°F 33°F- 100°F 33°F- 100°F
C-ETL-US Certification
Power Cord Length 25' 3-Wire 25' 3-Wire 25' 3-Wire
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VG-1500 Blue VG-2200 VG-3000
Voltage 115V 60HZ 115V 60HZ 115V 60HZ
Water Removal 76PPD / 150 PPD @ AHAM 130PPD / 225 PPD @ AHAM 170PPD / 300PPD @ AHAM
Amp Draw 7.36 Amps 8.5 Amps 12 Amps
Weight 84 lbs 97 lbs 160 lbs
Body Construction Molded Polyethylene Molded Polyethylene Molded Polyethylene
Size (L x W x H) 22.5″ x 20″ x 32″ 21" x 32.5" x 20" 40 in. x 20.5 in. x 24.25
Operating Range 33º - 100ºF 32º - 115ºF 33º - 125ºF
C-ETL-US Certification
Power Cord Length 25’ 3-Wire 25' 3-Wire 25' 3-Wire
Xactimate Code WTRDHMgt;(L), 70 to 109 PPD WTRDHMgt;gt;(XL), 110 to 159 PPD WTRDHMgt;gt;gt;(XXL), 160 PPD and Higher

B-Air Vantage 1500 Red Commericial Dehumidifier Water Removal Us

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