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Discount mail order Hohner Big River Harp Max 46% OFF E in M590056 Harmonica

Hohner Big River Harp M590056 Harmonica in E


Hohner Big River Harp M590056 Harmonica in E

Product description

Whole five nf diatonic models (Big River Harp, Blues Harp, Pro Harp, Cross Harp and the master class), find space in the so-called MS range. MS stands for modular system, a holistic concept for a harmonica design by Hohner. MS harmonicas benefit from innovations that improve both playing characteristics and make maintenance and handling much easier. - Simple screw connections make it easy to install. - The concept offers the player the ability to adapt the instrument to their individual bed. - Great value for money. - Inexpensive entry-level model with durable plastic comb. - Brass reed plates with high quality brass alloy. - Major key type: E - Number of reeds: 20 - Reed plate: brass; 0.9 mm; - Comb joint: plastic - Length in cm: approx. 10 - Order No. HO-M 590 056.

Hohner Big River Harp M590056 Harmonica in E

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