$20 Vollrath 4-1/4 qt. Stainless Steel Bain Marie Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $20 Vollrath 4-1/4 qt. Stainless Steel Bain Marie Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Steel,/metopism1414271.html,Marie,exen.gr,$20,4-1/4,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Bain,qt.,Vollrath,Stainless Steel,/metopism1414271.html,Marie,exen.gr,$20,4-1/4,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Bain,qt.,Vollrath,Stainless Vollrath 4-1 4 qt. Bain Boston Mall Steel Stainless Marie Vollrath 4-1 4 qt. Bain Boston Mall Steel Stainless Marie

free Vollrath 4-1 4 qt. Bain Boston Mall Steel Stainless Marie

Vollrath 4-1/4 qt. Stainless Steel Bain Marie


Vollrath 4-1/4 qt. Stainless Steel Bain Marie

Product description

This Bain maries pot is ideal for salad bar, dressing and condiment service. Made of 300 series stainless steel material. NSF listed. Comes with 4-1/4-quart capacity. Available in satin finish. The pot has outside body diameter an 6-1/2-inch by 7-1/8-inch overbreed diameter by 7-5/8-inch depth.

Vollrath 4-1/4 qt. Stainless Steel Bain Marie

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