$31 White Cathedral Length Chiffon Women's Lace Wedding Cloak Bridal Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women /metopism1298971.html,White,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Length,Women's,exen.gr,Chiffon,Cathedral,Wedding,Cloak,Bridal,Lace,$31 White Cathedral Length Chiffon Women's Super popular specialty store Lace Wedding Bridal Cloak /metopism1298971.html,White,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Length,Women's,exen.gr,Chiffon,Cathedral,Wedding,Cloak,Bridal,Lace,$31 $31 White Cathedral Length Chiffon Women's Lace Wedding Cloak Bridal Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women White Cathedral Length Chiffon Women's Super popular specialty store Lace Wedding Bridal Cloak

White Cathedral Length Chiffon Women's Super popular specialty store Lace Wedding Bridal Cloak Ranking TOP8

White Cathedral Length Chiffon Women's Lace Wedding Cloak Bridal


White Cathedral Length Chiffon Women's Lace Wedding Cloak Bridal

Product description

Welcome to our store.We are specialized in making wedding dress and accessories, bridesmaid dress, evening dress, prom dress,and any other special occasion dresses. Our dressmakers are all professional and responsible. Glad to do business with you!

Color: White,Ivory,other colors can be custom made
Length :2M/2.5M/3M
Material: Chiffon
Decoration: Lace applique

Ocassion: Wedding party cospaly and so on.

The size and color of the veil can be custom made ,just mail us for your specific requirements

If you have other questions or requirements, please feel free to contact us in E-Mail,we will try our best to help you.

White Cathedral Length Chiffon Women's Lace Wedding Cloak Bridal

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