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Oakland Mall Mohawk Home Geometric Ashland San Antonio Mall Gray Moroccan Boho X Striped 5' 7

Mohawk Home Geometric Ashland Gray Moroccan Striped Boho (5' X 7


Mohawk Home Geometric Ashland Gray Moroccan Striped Boho (5' X 7

Product description

Size:5' X 7'

A tribal inspired geometric diamond motif is featured in a neutral gray color palette to create the transitional design of Mohawk Home’s Ashland Area Rug. The versatile color scheme combined with the geometric design makes this modern masterpiece ideal for a variety of spaces. Woven with exclusive EverStrand, a premium polyester yarn created from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, this eco-friendly rug offers a soft surface and rich colors with the dependable durability needed for busy households. Available in runners, scatters, 5x8, 8x10, and other popular sizes, this area rug is a great choice for adding style to a variety of spaces in your home.

Mohawk Home Geometric Ashland Gray Moroccan Striped Boho (5' X 7

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