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DC Women's E.tribeka gift Se Shoe free Skate

DC Women's E.tribeka Se Skate Shoe


DC Women's E.tribeka Se Skate Shoe

Product description

Designed with a leather, nubuck, suede or textile upper (depending on the colourway), and a moulded tpr eyestay, and rounded out with a moulded tpr tongue logo, these shoes make a worthy addition to the DC shoes footwear collection.

From the manufacturer

Court Graffik



Anvil TX


Kalis Vulc

Additional Colors
Closure Type
Lace up Lace Up Slip On Lace Up Lace Up Lace Up
Sole Construction
Cup Sole Cup Sole EVA Vulcanized Cup Sole Vulcanized
Upper Material
Nubuck/Leather Nubuck/Leather Nubuck/Leather Canvas Nubuck/Leather Leather/Suede

DC Women's E.tribeka Se Skate Shoe

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