$33 Kitchen Rug Set Farm Cow Red Check Truck 2 Piece Non-Slip Kitche Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Kitchen Rug Set Farm Cow Red Piece security Truck Check Kitche 2 Non-Slip Red,Kitchen,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Farm,Non-Slip,Set,Cow,$33,Check,exen.gr,Piece,/fairtime1414207.html,Kitche,Truck,2,Rug Kitchen Rug Set Farm Cow Red Piece security Truck Check Kitche 2 Non-Slip Red,Kitchen,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Farm,Non-Slip,Set,Cow,$33,Check,exen.gr,Piece,/fairtime1414207.html,Kitche,Truck,2,Rug $33 Kitchen Rug Set Farm Cow Red Check Truck 2 Piece Non-Slip Kitche Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Kitchen Rug Set Farm Cow Red Piece security Truck Check Kitche Manufacturer OFFicial shop 2 Non-Slip

Kitchen Rug Set Farm Cow Red Check Truck 2 Piece Non-Slip Kitche


Kitchen Rug Set Farm Cow Red Check Truck 2 Piece Non-Slip Kitche

Product description

Size:19.7x31.5+19.7x47.2 inch

Non-slip Kitchen Floor Rug Mat Suitable for Kitchen Bathroom Sink Laundry Room


?Rubberized backing increase friction with the ground, keeping the kitchen mat set in place and protect your floor. This anti-skid backing will not slip or slide to keep you more safe and cozy.

?Polyester material can absorbs water and dries quicklyand protects your kitchen from moisture and stain, giving you a fresh kitchen.

?6 mm in thickness. It can support your body easily so you won't feel tired during long cooking. At the same time, Enough thickness fit under doors well. It won't trap the door or snag on the swing door.

Soft and comfortable material is great for your tired feet standing and shields toes from the cold floor.

?Unique design on the surface can brighten up your kitchen, ideal to place in your kitchen or any high-traffic area of your home such as kid's room, doorway, indoor outdoor, kitchen floor, foyer, bedroom, balcony, porch, dining room.

?Looking for a gift? Then the simple and fashion design 2 Piece Kitchen Rug Set is great gift idea for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, St Patrick's Day, Valentine's Day.

Kitchen Rug Set Farm Cow Red Check Truck 2 Piece Non-Slip Kitche

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