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Oregon Giclee Art Phoenix Mall Print Poster from Travel by Artist Artwork Pau New life

Oregon Giclee Art Print Poster from Travel Artwork by Artist Pau


Oregon Giclee Art Print Poster from Travel Artwork by Artist Pau

Product description

Size:24x36 inch

This work of art was designed by Artist Paul B. Leighton of Bend, Oregon. Paul is an avid outdoor enthusiast that brings his love of nature into all his creations. He has created many styles of painting, illustration, and fine-detail art. His long-term goal is to continue to try to capture some of the wonder and natural beauty of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. Leighton has painted commissioned works for many clients; his work has shown at the High Desert Museum, Mirror Pond Gallery and art exhibits around Bend. All our art posters are from an original work of art created by an award-winning artist. They are professionally printed at our facility - in Portland, Oregon, USA - on the highest quality art paper using premium, long-lasting art inks that generate intense, rich colors that are true to the artist’s vision and original creation. The time and care put into producing your art poster will make it a tremendous addition of your kitchen, bedroom, family room, office, or even dorm room wall décor.

Oregon Giclee Art Print Poster from Travel Artwork by Artist Pau

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