Design Guild Fabric 2 Piece Set Lowest price challenge Chairs Sof Upholstered Armless w 2,/estuary1297503.html,Design,Upholstered,w/Sof,Armless,,$140,Set,Guild,Patio, Lawn Garden , Patio Furniture Accessories,Piece,Fabric,Chairs $140 Design Guild Fabric 2 Piece Set Upholstered Armless Chairs w/Sof Patio, Lawn Garden Patio Furniture Accessories 2,/estuary1297503.html,Design,Upholstered,w/Sof,Armless,,$140,Set,Guild,Patio, Lawn Garden , Patio Furniture Accessories,Piece,Fabric,Chairs $140 Design Guild Fabric 2 Piece Set Upholstered Armless Chairs w/Sof Patio, Lawn Garden Patio Furniture Accessories Design Guild Fabric 2 Piece Set Lowest price challenge Chairs Sof Upholstered Armless w

Design Guild Fabric Don't miss the campaign 2 Piece Set Lowest price challenge Chairs Sof Upholstered Armless w

Design Guild Fabric 2 Piece Set Upholstered Armless Chairs w/Sof


Design Guild Fabric 2 Piece Set Upholstered Armless Chairs w/Sof

Product description

Bring a touch of sophistication to the table. Make every meal that much more special with this chic 2 Piece set Upholstered Chair from Design Guild. Featuring a high-density cushion seat, thick, fabric cover, cool tubular metal legs and iconic mid-century modern styling, the piece makes a perfect accompaniment to any dining room table, breakfast nook, vanity or office desk. Gorgeous to look at, the chair is soft and supportive, helping to relieve stress and fatigue after a long day. Despite its standard dining measurement, the piece’s light, airy composition fits wonderfully in both large homes and small apartments. So settle in, and stop settling for less than stellar home décor. Add a Dining Chair set from Design Guild to your cart today! Comfort Beyond Compare Don’t sacrifice comfort for style. Our armless design makes it easy to eat, converse and entertain guests, while the chair’s thickly padded seat conforms to provide perfect mid-back support. Pretty Upholstery Soft to the touch and stunning to the eye, the chair’s fabric cover is silky smooth and rich in color. Gold accents make it ideal for all seasons and home décor styles. Sturdy Anti-Slip Legs Four tubular legs support the chair with a max weight capacity of 250 pounds. Built-in foot pads prevent the legs from scratching the floor and can be slightly adjusted for optimal balance. Mid-Century Silhouette Known for functional simplicity, organic shapes and unique textures, this instantly recognizable aesthetic gets a 21st-century update with our exquisite gold legs and woven fabric. Luxury for Life Dine amidst the ageless allure of 1950s Americana—satisfaction guaranteed. Each piece is packed with utmost care, so purchase confidently knowing your treasures always arrive in peak condition.

Design Guild Fabric 2 Piece Set Upholstered Armless Chairs w/Sof

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