$0 AVLT Triple 27" Monitor Desk Stand - Mount Three 15.4 lbs Comput Office Products Office School Supplies $0 AVLT Triple 27" Monitor Desk Stand - Mount Three 15.4 lbs Comput Office Products Office School Supplies /diplospondylic1414317.html,AVLT,Mount,lbs,Comput,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Desk,Three,Triple,exen.gr,Monitor,Stand,$0,27",15.4,- AVLT Triple 27" Soldering Monitor Desk Stand lbs - 15.4 Three Mount Comput AVLT Triple 27" Soldering Monitor Desk Stand lbs - 15.4 Three Mount Comput /diplospondylic1414317.html,AVLT,Mount,lbs,Comput,Office Products , Office School Supplies,Desk,Three,Triple,exen.gr,Monitor,Stand,$0,27",15.4,-

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AVLT Triple 27" Monitor Desk Stand - Mount Three 15.4 lbs Comput


AVLT Triple 27" Monitor Desk Stand - Mount Three 15.4 lbs Comput

Product Description

Screens Side-by-Side Setup Fully Adjustable VESA Mount Tilt, Swivel, Roatation, Black, Heavy Duty

Create a Productive amp; Healthy Environment for Working and Gaming

NOTE: Please make sure your monitor has the following three specs at the same time before purchasing:

  1. Monitor Size: 13" to 27"
  2. Monitor Weight: Under 15.4 lb per screen
  3. VESA Mounting Holes: Your monitor must have a 75x75 or 100x100mm VESA pattern

If you cannot find VESA mounting holes on your monitor, please visit the AVLT storefront to find a non-VESA adapter compatible with your monitor.

(Click AVLT nearby the product title to visit our storefront page)

The high quality steel heavy duty C-Clamp/Grommet securely hold your monitors in place. Fits all

Get More Valuable Desk Space

You can quickly win back your workspace by floating your monitors in the air, thanks to the 5.5" x 5" premium mounting base replace the monitor's original base.

The AVLT monitor mount is made of high-quality aluminum, heavy-duty steel, and durable gas spring system that prevents wobbling or sagging and holds your monitors securely. The neat environment with a classy appearance adds a modern look to any office.

Positioning your monitor in the desired position improves your posture providing maximum ergonomic

Discover The Most Productive Self and Find Your Best View

Above all, we design this product for you to achieve your ultimate setup goal with ergonomic in mind.

  • More Workspace: Free up your desktop with two mounting options.
  • Ergonomic View: Elevating your monitor to the ideal viewing height.
  • Healthy Life: Good posture helps to decrease muscle strain.
  • Two Configurations: Place screens to portrait or landscape for multi-tasking.
  • Cable Management: Conceal cables out of sight and organized.

Creating a productive and healthy environment is essential. We are here to assist in making a massive difference in your working and gaming moments.

AVLT-DM30-1 Tech Specs

Screen Quantity: 3 (side-by-side configuration)
Screen size amp; type: 13 inches to 27 inches, Flat / Curved
Arm Capacity: Up to 7Kg (15.4 lbs.)
Arm Lift: 44.2 cm (17.4 inches)
Arm Extend: 65.8 cm (25.9 inches)
Arm Swivel: 180°
Pole Length: 44.2 cm (17.4 inches), Diameter: 35 mm (1.38 inches)
VESA: 75x75 mm or 100x100 mm
VESA Tilt: Upward 45° / Downward 45°
VESA Swivel: 180°
VESA Rotation: 360°
Detachable VESA Plate: Yes
C-clamp Desk Mount: 10-88 mm (.4 to 3.4 inches) thick, Depth: 80 mm (3.1 inches)
Grommet Desk Mount: up to 88 mm (3.4 inches) thick, Diameter: 10-57 mm (.4 to 2.25 inches)
Cable Management: 6 Cables
Product Weight: 5.8Kg (12.7 lbs.)
Max Screen Size 27" 27" 27" 27" 32"
Max Arm Capacity 15.4 lb (each) 15.4 lb (each) 15.4 lb (each) 15.4 lb (each) 15.4 lb (each)
Max Arm Lift 17.4" 15.9" 15.9" 22.6" 19.5"
Max Arm Extend 25.9" 25.2" 25.2" 27.1" 31"
Tall Pole 17.4" 15.9" 15.9" 22.1" 21"
C-Clamp Mount
New Top Mounting
Grommet Mount
Freestanding Base
Specialty Articulating monitor arms and high-grade steel construction provides the most economical value Enhanced articulating monitor arms with stronger construction provides the most economical value Enhanced articulating monitor arms with stronger construction provides the most economical value Expandable arm length for customizing your triple monitor setup to achieve a super immersive experience Premium gas spring arms and aluminum construction provides smoothest adjustment experience

AVLT Triple 27" Monitor Desk Stand - Mount Three 15.4 lbs Comput

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