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Credence Ranking TOP7 Indian Bird Print Cotton Kantha Throw Quilt Bedspreads Blanket

Indian Bird Print Cotton Kantha Quilt Bedspreads Throw Blanket (


Indian Bird Print Cotton Kantha Quilt Bedspreads Throw Blanket (

Product description

A beautiful creation to give your home a traditional yet authentic colorful look with this beautiful kantha quilt blanket or throw which can also be used as handmade tropical Kantha bedspread bedding. This piece is of art is completely hand stitched by Women artisan in Rajasthan, India. The entire quilt is hand embroidered with end number of straight running stitches to create a unique product, one of it's kind.These quilts are famed and admired due to their Kantha work. They have different beautiful warm and charming colors, designs and patterns on either side which gives a distinct look.

Indian Bird Print Cotton Kantha Quilt Bedspreads Throw Blanket (

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