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Al sold out. NBA Wheeled Backpack specialty shop Grey 19-inches

NBA Wheeled Backpack, 19-inches, Grey


NBA Wheeled Backpack, 19-inches, Grey

Product description

Show off your team pride with the L708 NBA Expedition Wheeled Backpack made by Denco. Each sleek looking wheeled backpack measures 19-inches in length and boasts two large interior compartments. It is embellished with your favorite NBA team colored logo and features a front organizer pocket to store everyday essentials and a padded computer sleeve to fit most laptops and tablets up to a 17-inch screen. The adjustable mono-pull retractable handle, padded shoulder straps, and in-line skates ensure dependable hassle-free travelling as you embark on your day while still having standout style.

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NBA Wheeled Backpack, 19-inches, Grey

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