$23 COLORFULLEAF Women's 100% Cotton Pajamas Set Short Sleeve Button Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Button,Sleeve,/chlorophyllian1298833.html,exen.gr,Set,Women's,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,COLORFULLEAF,$23,100%,Cotton,Pajamas,Short $23 COLORFULLEAF Women's 100% Cotton Pajamas Set Short Sleeve Button Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Button,Sleeve,/chlorophyllian1298833.html,exen.gr,Set,Women's,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,COLORFULLEAF,$23,100%,Cotton,Pajamas,Short Over item handling COLORFULLEAF Women's 100% Cotton Pajamas Button Set Sleeve Short Over item handling COLORFULLEAF Women's 100% Cotton Pajamas Button Set Sleeve Short

Over item Cheap bargain handling COLORFULLEAF Women's 100% Cotton Pajamas Button Set Sleeve Short

COLORFULLEAF Women's 100% Cotton Pajamas Set Short Sleeve Button


COLORFULLEAF Women's 100% Cotton Pajamas Set Short Sleeve Button

Product Description




-95% cotton and 5% spandex

-More stretchy and breathable

Material: 100% Cotton, Super Soft amp; Comfy

100% 棉

  • Top: button-down with v neck, chest pocket embroidery
  • Bottom: Classic Capri Pants featured Elastic waist with side pockets

This style of sleeping shirt it's easy to put on or take off, which can give you a light and simple dressing experience

The elastic waist helps the bottoms to loosely hug the hips, while the adjustable drawstring allows you to pull the bottoms as tightly as you like

Women's Cotton Capri PJ Set Size Chart


COLORFULLEAF Women's 100% Cotton Pajamas Set Short Sleeve Button

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