Grandeur Colorado Springs Mall Parthenon Plate with Versailles - Crystal Knob Passage /chlorophyllian1296933.html,with,-,Grandeur,Parthenon,$158,,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Passage,Versailles,Crystal,Knob,,Plate Grandeur Colorado Springs Mall Parthenon Plate with Versailles - Crystal Knob Passage /chlorophyllian1296933.html,with,-,Grandeur,Parthenon,$158,,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Passage,Versailles,Crystal,Knob,,Plate $158 Grandeur Parthenon Plate with Versailles Crystal Knob, Passage - Tools Home Improvement Hardware $158 Grandeur Parthenon Plate with Versailles Crystal Knob, Passage - Tools Home Improvement Hardware

Grandeur Colorado Springs Mall Parthenon Plate Outlet SALE with Versailles - Crystal Knob Passage

Grandeur Parthenon Plate with Versailles Crystal Knob, Passage -


Grandeur Parthenon Plate with Versailles Crystal Knob, Passage -

Product description

Product Description

The satin nickel Parthenon Plate's sumptuous detailing is inspired by the Greek Revival movement which began in the mid-1800's and still endures today. Pair this with our Versailles knob, with its smooth center and fluted edges, for an eye-catching look. All Grandeur crystal knobs are created from 24% lead crystal for unparalleled clarity and beauty, and mounted on a solid (not plated) forged brass base.

From the Manufacturer

The satin nickel Parthenon Plate's sumptuous detailing is inspired by the Greek Revival movement which began in the mid-1800's and still endures today. Pair this with our Versailles knob, with its smooth center and fluted edges, for an eye-catching look. All Grandeur crystal knobs are created from 24% lead crystal for unparalleled clarity and beauty, and mounted on a solid (not plated) forged brass base.

From the manufacturer

Grandeur Parthenon Plate with Versailles Crystal Knob, Passage -

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