exen.gr,Camera,Inch,Electronics , Car Vehicle Electronics,RC,with,Parking,/caracolite1297546.html,2.5,FEELDO,TFT,Monitor,LCD,$37,View,Rear $37 FEELDO 2.5 Inch LCD TFT Monitor with Rear View Parking Camera RC Electronics Car Vehicle Electronics FEELDO 2.5 Inch Denver Mall LCD TFT Monitor Rear Parking RC Camera View with FEELDO 2.5 Inch Denver Mall LCD TFT Monitor Rear Parking RC Camera View with $37 FEELDO 2.5 Inch LCD TFT Monitor with Rear View Parking Camera RC Electronics Car Vehicle Electronics exen.gr,Camera,Inch,Electronics , Car Vehicle Electronics,RC,with,Parking,/caracolite1297546.html,2.5,FEELDO,TFT,Monitor,LCD,$37,View,Rear

FEELDO 2.5 Inch 5 popular Denver Mall LCD TFT Monitor Rear Parking RC Camera View with

FEELDO 2.5 Inch LCD TFT Monitor with Rear View Parking Camera RC


FEELDO 2.5 Inch LCD TFT Monitor with Rear View Parking Camera RC

Product description


2.5-inch Monitor: Screen size: 2.5 inches LCD display size: L:5cm W:3.8cm D:6cm Screen Ratio : 4:3 TFT screen Resolution degree: 480(W)xRGBx234(H)=112320 points Video input signal : 1.0Vp-p, composite Power supply: DC12V Power: About 5W The bracket part is adjustable Appearance size: L80mm x W76mm x D15mm Can be matched with all kinds of reversing cameras

12V auto rear view camera: Image Sensor:CCD Lens materials:100% Glass Effective pixels:640*480 pixel Horizontal resolutions:480TV lines Field View Angle:170deg (Diagonal),138deg (H),125deg(V) Night Vision:Support (18pcs IR leds) Parking Guide Line:Support ImageType:Mirror image TV System:NTSC Power supply:DC24V Power consumption:120mA Waterproof rate:IP67/IP68

2.4 Ghz Wireless RCA Video Transmitter Receiver Kits Module: Wireless 2.4GHz transmitter/receiver set (12-Volt for vehicle installation) Work Range: Up to about 80m(Hollowness) Connects to rear-view camera and front video screen or dvd player Fit all RCA composite video connections Power: DC24V Transmitter/Receiver Cable Length:1.5m

12V/24V Car Cigarette Lighter Socket Plug Connector Adapter Switch: Material:ABS Color: Black Working Voltage:12/24V Power Connector:5.5mm/2.1mm DC adapter plug coaxial/concentric/barrel/tip power connector Cigarette Lighter Wire Length:3.5 meters Power Distributor RCA Cable:7 meters (One power input terminal /Two output terminal)

Package included: 1 x 2.5inch TFT LCD Monitor 1 x Power Cord 1x CCD rear view camera 1x 6m video cable 1x power wire

FEELDO 2.5 Inch LCD TFT Monitor with Rear View Parking Camera RC

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