YANXUAN 1 2" Round Carbide Ranking TOP17 Inserts Fi Blade Wood Cutter Turning $28,1/2",YANXUAN,Blade,exen.gr,Inserts,Wood,Turning,Fi,Carbide,/Harv1298719.html,Round,Cutter,,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools $28 YANXUAN 1/2" Round Carbide Inserts Wood Turning Blade Cutter, Fi Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $28,1/2",YANXUAN,Blade,exen.gr,Inserts,Wood,Turning,Fi,Carbide,/Harv1298719.html,Round,Cutter,,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools $28 YANXUAN 1/2" Round Carbide Inserts Wood Turning Blade Cutter, Fi Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools YANXUAN 1 2" Round Carbide Ranking TOP17 Inserts Fi Blade Wood Cutter Turning

YANXUAN Super Special SALE held 1 2

YANXUAN 1/2" Round Carbide Inserts Wood Turning Blade Cutter, Fi


YANXUAN 1/2" Round Carbide Inserts Wood Turning Blade Cutter, Fi

Product description


Item: Round Carbide Insert Cutter

Material: Tungsten Steel Carbide

Diameter: Approx. 12mm

Thickness: approx. 0.1" (2.5mm)

Angle: 30 degree

Package includes:

1 x 10Pcs of Woodworking 12mm Round Carbide Inserts


Use it with the Round Carbide Turning Tool to get smooth finishes on concave surfaces and hollowing jobs.

The most identifiable feature is that the blades can be easily replaced by releasing the wing nut and the clamp.

Cutter rotates give you numerous fresh edges without sharpening.


Use protection gloves,wear an eye mask to protect your eyes.

YANXUAN 1/2" Round Carbide Inserts Wood Turning Blade Cutter, Fi

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