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Trespass Tammin M


Trespass Tammin M

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Features: - 3 Layer Fabric - Adjustable Zip Off Hood - Water Repellent Centre Front Zip - 2 Welded Pockets with Water Repellent Zips - Welded Ski Pass Pocket on Sleeve with - Water Repellent Zip - Articulated Elbows - Detachable Snowskirts - Hem Drawcord with Adjuster - Underarm Ventilation Zips Specifications: - 100% Polyester TPU Membrane Care: - Waterproof 10000mm - Breathable 5000mvp - Windproof - Taped Seam Technology: DLX: - DLX is a Wicking hand selected range specifi cally chosen to provide the best in DUOSKIN performance and features. This is the best of the best, ideal for those Tight Fabric who demand a little bit extra. DLX spans the entire collection, from Structure accessories to high-end outerwear yet remains true to the ethos of value in a life outdoors. Delux performance clothing and equipment. Designed for Life in extremes

Trespass Tammin M

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