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New products world's highest quality popular hokistudio Ranking TOP12 shangyuyuyu Bed Runner Scarf M Home Bedding Geometric

hokistudio shangyuyuyu Bed Runner Scarf Home Bedding Geometric M


hokistudio shangyuyuyu Bed Runner Scarf Home Bedding Geometric M

Product description

Size:94"20" (240X50cm)

♥Lend your restful retreat the classic simple look with hokistudio's Bed Runner Set! Any bedroom or seating space can receive an instant makeover with a pop of geometric twill with this on-trend bed runner. This bedding accessory showcases elegant on colors with the softness and effortless care of chemical fiber.

♥This bed runner can add color, texture, and style to your bedroom, particularly if the top dressing of your bed is a solid color or white, like hotel or guesthouse.


Bed runner:

Twin/Twin XL: 71"20" (180X50cm);

Full/Queen: 82"20" (210X50cm);

CA King: 94"20" (240X50cm).


20"20" (50X50cm)


Due to different monitors, the pictures may be slightly different in color, subject to the actual object received.

Manual measurement may have an error of 2 to 3 cm.If for any reason you decide that this good is not for you, send one simple email, we will give you a satisfactory answer.

hokistudio shangyuyuyu Bed Runner Scarf Home Bedding Geometric M


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