Nickel-Plated,Paperweight,Engraved,Shape,-,Metal,Office Products , Office School Supplies,to,,"Key,Key,-,/Carthusian1205815.html,$28,- $28 Engraved Paperweight - Nickel-Plated Metal - Key Shape - "Key to Office Products Office School Supplies $28 Engraved Paperweight - Nickel-Plated Metal - Key Shape - "Key to Office Products Office School Supplies Engraved Paperweight Popularity - Nickel-Plated Metal to Key Shape "Key Engraved Paperweight Popularity - Nickel-Plated Metal to Key Shape "Key Nickel-Plated,Paperweight,Engraved,Shape,-,Metal,Office Products , Office School Supplies,to,,"Key,Key,-,/Carthusian1205815.html,$28,-

Engraved Paperweight Popularity - Nickel-Plated Metal to Key Shape Ranking TOP8

Engraved Paperweight - Nickel-Plated Metal - Key Shape - "Key to


Engraved Paperweight - Nickel-Plated Metal - Key Shape - "Key to

Product description

This key-shaped paperweight makes a unique corporate gift for all your indispensable employees. Each silver, uniquely styled key is laser engraved with the popular "Key to Success" message. The paper weight is made of nickel plated metal and measures 5.125" L and 1.875" H. It comes in a sleek black gift box with felt on the inside. The trophy and box combined weigh a total of 0.6 lbs (9 oz). This paperweight is a beautiful conversation piece that is perfect for recognizing your top performing employees or celebrating milestones. *DISCLAIMER: Custom/personalized products are subject to a restocking fee on all returns or exchanges. The process of engraving and printing on our custom/personalized products is automated, so please double check your order submission for any grammatical errors or placement mistakes. If the product is incorrect in comparison to the proof that you submitted with your order, we will provide either a full refund or replace the product free of charge. Products that match the proof submitted by the customer will be subject to a restocking fee on any return or exchange.

Engraved Paperweight - Nickel-Plated Metal - Key Shape - "Key to


More NEW words and meanings!

For our autumn release we’ve added around 80 new words and meanings to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. Now that OALD includes the vocabulary to ask the following questions, can you answer them?

See the full list >

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