Leslie's Real 14kt 70% OFF Outlet Rose Gold Twisted Bangle Slip-on Polished $133 Leslie's Real 14kt Rose Gold Polished Twisted Slip-on Bangle Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $133 Leslie's Real 14kt Rose Gold Polished Twisted Slip-on Bangle Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $133,Twisted,exen.gr,Polished,Slip-on,/sitemap/,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Rose,Leslie's,Gold,14kt,Bangle,Real Leslie's Real 14kt 70% OFF Outlet Rose Gold Twisted Bangle Slip-on Polished $133,Twisted,exen.gr,Polished,Slip-on,/sitemap/,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Rose,Leslie's,Gold,14kt,Bangle,Real

Leslie's Real 14kt 70% OFF Outlet Rose Gold Oakland Mall Twisted Bangle Slip-on Polished

Leslie's Real 14kt Rose Gold Polished Twisted Slip-on Bangle


Leslie's Real 14kt Rose Gold Polished Twisted Slip-on Bangle

Product description

✔ Material: Primary - Purity: 14K
✔ Finish: Polished
✔ Clasp /Connector: Slip On (No Clasp)
✔ Feature: Hollow
✔ Manufacturing Process: Extruded
✔ Material: Primary: Gold
✔ Warranty: Lifetime Guarantee
✔ Width of Item: 2.5 mm
✔ Product Type: Jewelry
✔ Jewelry Type: Bracelets
✔ Sold By Unit: Each
✔ Bracelet Type: Bangle
✔ Texture: Twisted
✔ Material: Primary - Color: Rose
✔ Polished
✔ 14k Rose gold
✔ Slip on
✔ Twisted

About Us:

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Leslie's Real 14kt Rose Gold Polished Twisted Slip-on Bangle

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