ROHO Mosaic Seating and Positioning 16 Re-Engineered X Cushion Max 51% OFF Positioning,Mosaic,(16,ROHO,/proximobuccal1693990.html,$59,Re-Engineered,X,Seating,Cushion,Mobility Daily Living Aids , Mobility Aids Equipment,,and $59 ROHO Mosaic Seating and Positioning Cushion Re-Engineered (16 X Mobility Daily Living Aids Mobility Aids Equipment $59 ROHO Mosaic Seating and Positioning Cushion Re-Engineered (16 X Mobility Daily Living Aids Mobility Aids Equipment Positioning,Mosaic,(16,ROHO,/proximobuccal1693990.html,$59,Re-Engineered,X,Seating,Cushion,Mobility Daily Living Aids , Mobility Aids Equipment,,and ROHO Mosaic Seating and Positioning 16 Re-Engineered X Cushion Max 51% OFF

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ROHO Mosaic Seating and Positioning Cushion Re-Engineered (16 X


ROHO Mosaic Seating and Positioning Cushion Re-Engineered (16 X

Product description


Experience the Value The re-engineered, cost-effective ROHO MOSAIC cushion is now even better. With a more comfortable fit, you’ll enjoy more sitting time while still protecting your skin and soft tissues. Designed For You By always matching your shape and following your movements throughout the day, the MOSAIC cushion is designed for you. Now with more anatomically-designed cell heights and a more effective, controlled air flow, you can sit longer, with less pain, knowing you have proven ROHO air-cell-based technology supporting you. Proven Protection The innovative design of the MOSAIC cushion allows you to sink comfortably into it, shaping to the unique contours of your body. Available in an expanded range of sizes to better fit your seating surface, MOSAIC provides basic preventative skin and soft tissue protection at an affordable price.

ROHO Mosaic Seating and Positioning Cushion Re-Engineered (16 X

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