Long-awaited TOSPANIA Stretch Short Dining Removable Washabl Chair Slipcovers $21 TOSPANIA Stretch Short Dining Chair Slipcovers Removable Washabl Home Kitchen Home Décor Products /product-category/soundex,Chair,Stretch,Washabl,exen.gr,$21,Removable,Dining,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Slipcovers,Short,TOSPANIA $21 TOSPANIA Stretch Short Dining Chair Slipcovers Removable Washabl Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Long-awaited TOSPANIA Stretch Short Dining Removable Washabl Chair Slipcovers /product-category/soundex,Chair,Stretch,Washabl,exen.gr,$21,Removable,Dining,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Slipcovers,Short,TOSPANIA

Long-awaited TOSPANIA Stretch Save money Short Dining Removable Washabl Chair Slipcovers

TOSPANIA Stretch Short Dining Chair Slipcovers Removable Washabl


TOSPANIA Stretch Short Dining Chair Slipcovers Removable Washabl

Product Description

TOSPANIA Dining Chair Cover is the perfect way to give your dining chair a fresh new look that will add style and elegance to your dinning room. The soft jacquard material is made with spandex and stretches to create a seamless look that will make your furniture as well as your whole decor feel fresh new again.


Suitable for most of regular chairs without arms.

Back Height: 19-24 inch (48-60cm)

Seat Length: 14-20 inch (36-50cm)

Seat Width : 14-20 inch (36-50cm)

Seat Thickness: 1.5-4 inch (3-10cm)

Redecorate your dining room in style with this Tospania dining chair cover, add a stylish appearance to your dining room area


TOSPANIA Stretch Short Dining Chair Slipcovers Removable Washabl

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