$300 H by Frette Percale Junior Suite Bed Bundle (California King) - Home Kitchen Bedding H by Frette Percale Junior Suite - California Bed Bundle King 5 ☆ very popular H by Frette Percale Junior Suite - California Bed Bundle King 5 ☆ very popular $300 H by Frette Percale Junior Suite Bed Bundle (California King) - Home Kitchen Bedding exen.gr,Bundle,by,(California,/monoacetate1439331.html,-,H,Suite,Junior,Bed,Percale,Frette,King),$300,Home Kitchen , Bedding exen.gr,Bundle,by,(California,/monoacetate1439331.html,-,H,Suite,Junior,Bed,Percale,Frette,King),$300,Home Kitchen , Bedding

H by Frette Percale Junior Suite - California Bed Bundle King 5 ☆ Gifts very popular

H by Frette Percale Junior Suite Bed Bundle (California King) -


H by Frette Percale Junior Suite Bed Bundle (California King) -

Product Description

Twin Queen King Cal King
Fitted Sheet 39 x 75 x 15 in 60 x 80 x 15 in 76 x 80 x 15 in 72 x 84 x 15 in
Top Sheet 71 x 114 in 100 x 120 in 118 x 122 in 118 x 122 in
Duvet Cover 68 x 86 in 90 x 90 in 104 x 90 in 104 x 90 in
Bed Covers 96 x 100 in 109 x 100 in
Standard King Euro
Shams 20 x 28 in 20 x 35 in 26 x 26 in
Pillowcases 20 x 28 in 20 x 35 in 26 x 26 in

  • Wash with like items – ideally only with other H linens. Don’t wash H linens with items made of polyester or that have sharp, hard or protruding edges, like metal buttons, zippers or rivets.
  • Wash in hot water (ideally at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or 60 degrees Celsius) with mild detergent.
  • Don't use fabric softener. It may temporarily give your linens a fresh scent and a soft feel but it actually weakens the fabric.
  • Don't use bleach. Non-chlorine bleach can be used sparingly only when absolutely necessary. Chlorine bleach causes accelerated cotton deterioration and potential irritation on sensitive skin and is to be avoided.
  • Don’t overload your washing machine. A packed machine doesn’t have enough room for detergent to circulate and thoroughly cleanse all items, which could result in ineffective cleaning and detergent residue.

Laundering Tips


Drying Tips


Ironing Tips


Storage Tips

H by Frette Percale Junior Suite Bed Bundle (California King) -

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