Kit,Rear,Brake,,w/Ceram,Rotors,$62,(2),Disc,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Detroit,Pair,298mm,/monoacetate1386631.html,-,Axle Detroit Axle - Pair Outlet sale feature 2 Rear 298mm Disc w Brake Ceram Rotors Kit $62 Detroit Axle - Pair (2) Rear 298mm Disc Brake Kit Rotors w/Ceram Automotive Replacement Parts Kit,Rear,Brake,,w/Ceram,Rotors,$62,(2),Disc,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Detroit,Pair,298mm,/monoacetate1386631.html,-,Axle Detroit Axle - Pair Outlet sale feature 2 Rear 298mm Disc w Brake Ceram Rotors Kit $62 Detroit Axle - Pair (2) Rear 298mm Disc Brake Kit Rotors w/Ceram Automotive Replacement Parts

Detroit Axle - Pair Outlet sale feature 2 Rear 298mm Disc w Brake Ceram supreme Rotors Kit

Detroit Axle - Pair (2) Rear 298mm Disc Brake Kit Rotors w/Ceram


Detroit Axle - Pair (2) Rear 298mm Disc Brake Kit Rotors w/Ceram

Product description

  • 2x - Both Disc Brake Rotors R-55098
  • 2x Ceramic Brake Pads (Hardware Included) P-922
  • 1x 10oz Brake Cleaner Spray amp; 1x 12oz Brake Fluid Bottle


  • 2006-2007 Cadillac CTS (RPO Code JL9 (Power 4 Wheel ABS Disc Brakes) ONLY)
  • 2003-2005 Cadillac CTS
  • 2005-2011 Cadillac STS (RPO Code JL9 (Power 4 Wheel ABS Disc Brakes) ONLY)

  • Detroit Axle brake rotors and pads are manufactured to exceed original equipment standards and provide a better riding vehicle. We are a leading supplier of ride control products to OE vehicle manufacturers Nationwide, that expertise translates to Detroit Axle's OE-quality Aftermarket.

Detroit Axle - Pair (2) Rear 298mm Disc Brake Kit Rotors w/Ceram

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