printer,p2055dn,dn,hp,$140,,/monoacetate1370831.html,Office Products , Office Electronics $140 hp p2055dn dn printer Office Products Office Electronics printer,p2055dn,dn,hp,$140,,/monoacetate1370831.html,Office Products , Office Electronics hp Regular discount p2055dn dn printer $140 hp p2055dn dn printer Office Products Office Electronics hp Regular discount p2055dn dn printer

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hp p2055dn dn printer

Product description

Certified Refurbish Brand - HP LaserJet P2055DN Laser Printer-Monochrome Laser-35 ppm Mono-1200 x 1200 dpi-USB-Gigabit Ethernet-PC / Mac/ 300 Page Paper Capacity ; Includes New Generic Print Consumables : (Toner Cartridge: CE505A) - 90 Day Depot Warranty ; RECERTIFED NOTES: Professionally Refurbished and Fully cleaned inside and out Replacing any Parts showing signs of wear ; Product may have cosmetic discoloration. ; We replace all parts and Print Consumables to ensure that you have no issues with quality or paper jams. We test each machine thoroughly and replace the Print Consumables that are in need of replacement such as pickup rollers, separation roller, mp pickup roller, separation pads, transfer roller, fuser film, pressure roller and then field test all the mechanics and electronics. We then clean the unit internally and externally and then professionally pack the unit and ship it to you. ; Drivers and/or User Guides Are Available from Manufacturer Website But Not Included ; Ships with Power and Network cables (Where Applicable). ; Print Consumables are Guaranteed for 30 days ; Printer Hardware has 90 Day Depot Warranty ; Exclusively Sold and Refurbished Only by AIM

hp p2055dn dn printer

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