$62 Helikon-Tex Men's Woodsman Trousers Taiga Green/Black Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Helikon-Tex,Green/Black,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Trousers,exen.gr,Men's,Taiga,Woodsman,$62,/metopism1694171.html Helikon-Tex,Green/Black,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Trousers,exen.gr,Men's,Taiga,Woodsman,$62,/metopism1694171.html $62 Helikon-Tex Men's Woodsman Trousers Taiga Green/Black Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Helikon-Tex Men's Woodsman Trousers Black Taiga Al sold out. Green Helikon-Tex Men's Woodsman Trousers Black Taiga Al sold out. Green

Helikon-Tex Men's Woodsman Trousers Black Taiga Al sold out. Green San Diego Mall

Helikon-Tex Men's Woodsman Trousers Taiga Green/Black


Helikon-Tex Men's Woodsman Trousers Taiga Green/Black

Product description

Minimalist and extremely durable Helikon-Tex Woodsman trousers are a perfect combination of low profile look with practicality important while being in the great outdoors. The trousers come with an elastic waist with a hook-and-loop fastener for a perfect fit, YKK zippered fly and eight wide belt loops (will fit up to 50mm belts). The trousers feature four pockets, two pockets for knee pads and additional loops at the back to attach gloves. These trousers come with knee reinforcements with a strong DuraCanvas fabric that helps to expand longevity. The Woodsman Trousers from Helikon-Tex are designed with the outdoors in mind but are also excellent for hunting.

Helikon-Tex Men's Woodsman Trousers Taiga Green/Black

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