OER 4 Piece Black Urethane Armrest Ch Base 1968-1974 Ranking TOP11 and Pad Set Base,$64,4,Urethane,Pad,1968-1974,Set,Armrest,/metopism1386671.html,Automotive , Replacement Parts,exen.gr,and,OER,Piece,Black,Ch OER 4 Piece Black Urethane Armrest Ch Base 1968-1974 Ranking TOP11 and Pad Set $64 OER 4 Piece Black Urethane Armrest Base and Pad Set 1968-1974 Ch Automotive Replacement Parts Base,$64,4,Urethane,Pad,1968-1974,Set,Armrest,/metopism1386671.html,Automotive , Replacement Parts,exen.gr,and,OER,Piece,Black,Ch $64 OER 4 Piece Black Urethane Armrest Base and Pad Set 1968-1974 Ch Automotive Replacement Parts

OER 4 Piece Black Urethane Armrest Ch Base 1968-1974 Ranking TOP11 and Pad In stock Set

OER 4 Piece Black Urethane Armrest Base and Pad Set 1968-1974 Ch


OER 4 Piece Black Urethane Armrest Base and Pad Set 1968-1974 Ch

Product description

OER 4 Piece Black Urethane Armrest Base and Pad Set 1968-1974 Nova Reproduction of the original style arm rest base and pad set designed specifically for 1968-74 Chevy II / Nova, X body and other various GM models. Each arm rest base is injection molded as original and will install on the original or reproduction door panels. Manufactured to exact OE specifications, each arm rest pad is produced using modern urethane material with a sharp Madrid grain around a steel insert. Pre-packaged in OER box. Available in black only. Can be painted to interior color using OER Premium Paints. Applications: 1968-74 Chevy II/Nova 1969 Corvair 1969-73 Chevelle Wagon Oldsmobile Applications: 1969-73 Vista Cruiser 1971-72 F85 Wagon 1973 Omega 1974 Omega Sedan

OER 4 Piece Black Urethane Armrest Base and Pad Set 1968-1974 Ch

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