Folding Spasm price Kick Scooter with 200mm Portable Adjustable Wheels- Big Folding Spasm price Kick Scooter with 200mm Portable Adjustable Wheels- Big Kick,200mm,Portable,Big,Scooter,Wheels-,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Folding,with,Adjustable,$32,,/metopism1370971.html $32 Folding Kick Scooter with 200mm Big Wheels- Portable Adjustable Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation Kick,200mm,Portable,Big,Scooter,Wheels-,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Folding,with,Adjustable,$32,,/metopism1370971.html $32 Folding Kick Scooter with 200mm Big Wheels- Portable Adjustable Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation

Superior Folding Spasm price Kick Scooter with 200mm Portable Adjustable Wheels- Big

Folding Kick Scooter with 200mm Big Wheels- Portable Adjustable


Folding Kick Scooter with 200mm Big Wheels- Portable Adjustable

Product description


1. Suitable for both children and adult

2. Adjustable height handlebar in 3 levels: 90- 95- 100cm

3. Folded available and equipped with a portable belt

4. 2 *200mm PU wheels for a smooth ride

5. Grinding footboard for more security

6. 3 colors available for your preference: red blue and silver

Folding Kick Scooter with 200mm Big Wheels- Portable Adjustable

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