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BABEYOND Women's Kimono Robe Long with Peacock and Robes Omaha Mall Blossom unisex

BABEYOND Women's Kimono Robe Long Robes with Peacock and Blossom


BABEYOND Women's Kimono Robe Long Robes with Peacock and Blossom

Product Description

BABEYOND is a dedicated, passionate team with a wide range of skill sets and professional work experience within the vintage clothing industry.

We never stopped committing to providing you the great product, time-critical delivery and best service.

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Plus Size Kimono Robe Kimono Robe Kimono Robe Kimono Robe Kimono Robe
Feature Light weight, inner sash, side pockets Light weight, inner sash, not lined Light weight, inner sash, not lined Light weight, inner sash, continuous print throughout sleeves Light weight, inner sash, lace decorated sleeves
Material Polyester Satin Polyester Satin Polyester Satin Charmeuse Satin Polyester Satin
Size One Size One Size One Size One Size One Size
Fit at Chest and Hips Up to 52"-55" Up to 48" Up to 48" Up to 48" Up to 48"
Pattern Peacock Peony Roses Roses Solid Color

BABEYOND Women's Kimono Robe Long Robes with Peacock and Blossom

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