DEWALT Drywall Trowel Max 84% OFF Hawk Set 12 + Mud 0.7MM Haw Blades 14" 12/14",Trowel,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Drywall,+,,Haw,DEWALT,$112,/idyl1439293.html,Mud,|,Set,0.7MM,Hawk,Blades $112 DEWALT Drywall Trowel Hawk Set | 12/14" 0.7MM Blades + Mud Haw Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools DEWALT Drywall Trowel Max 84% OFF Hawk Set 12 + Mud 0.7MM Haw Blades 14" 12/14",Trowel,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Drywall,+,,Haw,DEWALT,$112,/idyl1439293.html,Mud,|,Set,0.7MM,Hawk,Blades $112 DEWALT Drywall Trowel Hawk Set | 12/14" 0.7MM Blades + Mud Haw Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools

DEWALT Drywall Trowel Max 84% OFF Hawk Set Ranking TOP4 12 + Mud 0.7MM Haw Blades 14

DEWALT Drywall Trowel Hawk Set | 12/14" 0.7MM Blades + Mud Haw


DEWALT Drywall Trowel Hawk Set | 12/14" 0.7MM Blades + Mud Haw

Product description

Style:0.7mm Blades

DEWALT's triple-hardened stainless steel hand trowels and black hard coat anodized hawk are high precision, high performance tools with advanced features. They offer the professional grade construction that drywall finishing professionals demand, and will provide years of reliable, all-day use on the job site.


- DXTT-2-325 - 13" DEWALT Black Hard-Coat Anodized Hawk
- DXTT-2-961 - 12" x 4.75" DEWALT Flat 0.7mm Trowel
- DXTT-2-962 - 12" x 4.75" DEWALT Flat 0.7mm Trowel


- Golden triple-hardened premium stainless steel blade.
- High strength but lightweight aluminum handle mount.
- High impact composite handle core for strength and durability.
- Patented leather composite handle that molds to the user's hand over time and doesn't slip when wet.
- Width: 4.75"


- Ultra durable, hard-coat black anodized hawk surface that offers extreme corrosion amp; wear resistance with high-release, non-stick properties that make using and cleaning the hawk easier than ever.
- Extruded, billet aluminum construction for enhanced strength and durability.
- Optimized 13" x 13" hawk surface, based on extensive professional finisher feedback.
- Concentric traction rings for excellent compound control.
- Ergonomic soft-grip handle that is detachable for easy cleaning amp; storage.
- Hollow handle design enables it to be set on the corner post of scaffolding or a workstation.

Buy this DEWALT drywall trowel amp; hawk set and compare for yourself. We back all of our tools with the best warranties in the industry and they are guaranteed to exceed your expectations. If for ANY reason you don't agree, returns are easy.

DEWALT Drywall Trowel Hawk Set | 12/14" 0.7MM Blades + Mud Haw

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