Jinxuny Highboard 15.7"x11.8"x57" Mango Solid Wood Rapid rise /idyl1387193.html,15.7"x11.8"x57",Jinxuny,Highboard,Wood,Solid,$215,Office Products , Office School Supplies,exen.gr,Mango $215 Jinxuny Highboard 15.7"x11.8"x57" Solid Mango Wood Office Products Office School Supplies $215 Jinxuny Highboard 15.7"x11.8"x57" Solid Mango Wood Office Products Office School Supplies /idyl1387193.html,15.7"x11.8"x57",Jinxuny,Highboard,Wood,Solid,$215,Office Products , Office School Supplies,exen.gr,Mango Jinxuny Highboard 15.7"x11.8"x57" Mango Solid Wood Rapid rise

Jinxuny Highboard 15.7

Jinxuny Highboard 15.7"x11.8"x57" Solid Mango Wood


Jinxuny Highboard 15.7"x11.8"x57" Solid Mango Wood

Product description

vidaXL Highboard 15.7"x11.8"x57" Solid Mango Wood - 247728, If you're looking for a simple touch of the rustic as well as industrial charm to add to your interior decor, our solid wooden highboard will do the trick. Equipped with 2 drawers and 4 shelves for various items, this highboard will definitely be a practical and eye-catching addition in your home. This high board is multipurpose, meaning that it can also be used as a book cabinet. Made of solid mango wood with a natural finish, this side cabinet exudes an original look. The exquisite craftsmanship and the beautiful mango wood grains make every piece of furniture unique and slightly different from the next. Additionally, the cast iron frame contributes to the stable and sturdy structure and adds to the cabinet's industrial style as well. Important note: Variations in color and wood grain makes each of our furniture unique and slightly different from the next; the delivery is random.

Jinxuny Highboard 15.7"x11.8"x57" Solid Mango Wood

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