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Independent 144 Skateboard Price reduction Trucks A surprise price is realized Set 1

Independent 144 Skateboard Trucks, 1" Hardware Set


Independent 144 Skateboard Trucks, 1" Hardware Set

Product description

Independent 144 Polished Skateboard Trucks with Independent 1" Phillips Hardware Combo Set

Independent Trucks : Stage XI 144 Polished High Performance Trucks, 8.25 Inch are quality trucks from one of the oldest and most trusted names in skate.With a 4140 Chromoly steel axle, the trucks feature a grade 8 kingpin and include Independent’s own 90a duro cushions. 55mm tall and 8.25 inches wide, these standard profile trucks are a great pick for versatility that takes you from street to park with ease.

Independent Hardware : 1 set (8 bolt and 8 screw) Independent 1" skateboard truck black hardware screw. Sturdy steel hardware in black offers reliability with a touch of style. Set includes 1” (2.54cm) screws and companion nuts for each.

Independent 144 Skateboard Trucks, 1" Hardware Set

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