Home Kitchen , Bedding,Love,King,Shap,Cover,California,3,Duvet,Tree,exen.gr,Size,$60,Pcs,/grottowork1439297.html,Sets,Heart California King Size 3 Pcs Duvet Sets Cover Tree Heart Chicago Mall Shap Love $60 California King Size 3 Pcs Duvet Cover Sets Love Tree Heart Shap Home Kitchen Bedding $60 California King Size 3 Pcs Duvet Cover Sets Love Tree Heart Shap Home Kitchen Bedding Home Kitchen , Bedding,Love,King,Shap,Cover,California,3,Duvet,Tree,exen.gr,Size,$60,Pcs,/grottowork1439297.html,Sets,Heart California King Size 3 Pcs Duvet Sets Cover Tree Heart Chicago Mall Shap Love

California King Size 3 Pcs Duvet Sets Cover Tree Heart Chicago Mall Shap Baltimore Mall Love

California King Size 3 Pcs Duvet Cover Sets Love Tree Heart Shap


California King Size 3 Pcs Duvet Cover Sets Love Tree Heart Shap

Product description

Size:California King

Decorative Duvet Cover
The modern and stylish three-piece suit can bring warmth and comfort to your home. With it, you can improve your quality of life and happiness index.

Printing: Using the most advanced digital technology, not easy to fade. The patterns are beautiful and stylish.

Available Size :
Twin: Duvet Cover-175x220cm(68x86inch); Pillowcases-50x70cm(20x30inch)
Full: Duvet Cover-220x220cm(86x86inch); Pillowcases-50x70cm(20x30inch)
Queen: Duvet Cover-230x235cm(90x92inch); Pillowcases-50x70cm(20x30inch)
King: Duvet Cover-235x270cm(92x106inch); Pillowcases-50x70cm(20x30inch)

Gift: Can be used as a gift for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day. A variety of styles are available for your selection.

·Note -- comforters are sold separately and NOT included in this set. ·Cleaning instructions -- Cleaning instructions: Cold water machine washing, low speed rotary drying, need to use non-chlorine bleach.

California King Size 3 Pcs Duvet Cover Sets Love Tree Heart Shap

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