11601010400,Rail,Towel,400,/granada1694134.html,Keuco,Elegance,Chrome-Plated,$124,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,exen.gr,mm Keuco Elegance 11601010400 Towel 400 4 years warranty Rail Chrome-Plated mm 11601010400,Rail,Towel,400,/granada1694134.html,Keuco,Elegance,Chrome-Plated,$124,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,exen.gr,mm $124 Keuco Elegance 11601010400 Towel Rail 400 mm Chrome-Plated Tools Home Improvement Hardware Keuco Elegance 11601010400 Towel 400 4 years warranty Rail Chrome-Plated mm $124 Keuco Elegance 11601010400 Towel Rail 400 mm Chrome-Plated Tools Home Improvement Hardware

Keuco Elegance 11601010400 Towel 400 4 years National products warranty Rail Chrome-Plated mm

Keuco Elegance 11601010400 Towel Rail 400 mm Chrome-Plated


Keuco Elegance 11601010400 Towel Rail 400 mm Chrome-Plated

Product description

11601010400 Keuco Elegance Towel rail, chrome-plated, 400 mmKEUCO Elegance Towel Holder 11601010400High shine chrome towel railelegant. long oval profile. slightly arched surfaces in a timeless design. solid wall support in die-cast zinc. easy to cleanAxis 400 mm for a total width of 435 mmRadius: 60 mmConcealed fixing with corrosion-free mounting hardware (included) DIVERSITY AS A PRINCIPLE DESIGN OF SUCCESS WITH CONTOURIn 1967, initially started as a pure line of accessories, ELEGANCE was established over the decades internationally and became one of the most popular bathroom series. Elegance offers a comprehensive full range with great variety. Not least thanks to the timeless design, the demand is unending for ELEGANCE products.KEUCO - the bathroom brand As a brand, KEUCO has been setting standards for demanding bathroom product designs for decades. Take your freedom and make your personal bathroom environment a comfortable retreat of your individuality. The KEUCO brand stands for quality that you can rely on. Quality means a perfect combination of design and functionality. We do not compromise. The choice of material, its careful processing, and the design down to the smallest detail - all this makes a timeless design and durable products. You can recognise the quality in this product.

Keuco Elegance 11601010400 Towel Rail 400 mm Chrome-Plated

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We make a global impact through excellence in research and innovation. Explore our latest research that is helping to shape a better world.

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