Toe,Pointed,Low,Women's,Kitten,Ankle,/granada1297634.html,,Lace,Eldof,2.3",Bootie,Heel,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,$32 $32 Eldof Women's Kitten Low Heel Ankle Bootie 2.3" Pointed Toe Lace Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $32 Eldof Women's Kitten Low Heel Ankle Bootie 2.3" Pointed Toe Lace Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Eldof Women's Kitten Spring new work Low Heel Ankle Pointed Lace Toe 2.3" Bootie Toe,Pointed,Low,Women's,Kitten,Ankle,/granada1297634.html,,Lace,Eldof,2.3",Bootie,Heel,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,$32 Eldof Women's Kitten Spring new work Low Heel Ankle Pointed Lace Toe 2.3" Bootie

Eldof Women's Kitten Spring new work Low Heel Ankle Pointed Lace Toe 2.3

Eldof Women's Kitten Low Heel Ankle Bootie 2.3" Pointed Toe Lace


Eldof Women's Kitten Low Heel Ankle Bootie 2.3" Pointed Toe Lace

Product description

Eldof Women's Kitten Low Heel Ankle Bootie 2.3 " Pointed Toe Lace Up Comfortable Walking Boots

Heel Height: 2.3 inches

Heel Type: kitten heel

Closure: zip and lace up

Size Chart: (Size-Foot length)

  • US5-EU35-22.3cm
  • US6-EU36-23cm
  • US7-EU37-23.6cm
  • US8-EU38-24.3cm
  • US9-EU39-24.9cm
  • US10-EU41-26.3cm
  • US11-EU42-26.9cm
  • US12-EU43-27.6cm
  • US13-EU44-28.3cm
  • US14-EU45-28.9cm

Eldof Women's Kitten Low Heel Ankle Bootie 2.3" Pointed Toe Lace

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