96 Womens Cowgirl Western Rodeo Detroit Mall Bling Belts $24,Womens,/forgetting1439949.html,Belts,96,Cowgirl,exen.gr,Belts,Cowgirl,Belts,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Western,Bling,Rodeo $24 96 Womens Cowgirl Western Belts Cowgirl Bling Belts Rodeo Belts Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $24,Womens,/forgetting1439949.html,Belts,96,Cowgirl,exen.gr,Belts,Cowgirl,Belts,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Western,Bling,Rodeo 96 Womens Cowgirl Western Rodeo Detroit Mall Bling Belts $24 96 Womens Cowgirl Western Belts Cowgirl Bling Belts Rodeo Belts Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women

96 Womens Cowgirl Super-cheap Western Rodeo Detroit Mall Bling Belts

96 Womens Cowgirl Western Belts Cowgirl Bling Belts Rodeo Belts


96 Womens Cowgirl Western Belts Cowgirl Bling Belts Rodeo Belts

Product description

1.5" inch Wide Belt Strap. BHW Cowgirl Western Belts. Gorgeous western belts. Perfect to complete the cowgirl look. Great gift for all cowgirls. These western belts are adorned with rhinestones and studs. Belt strap adorned with glass conchos, rhinestones and studs. Buckle on two screw tab that enables it to be detachable/removable. Size Measurements Approx. Medium: 30.5-34.5 inches. Large: 34.5-38.5 inches. XL: 38.5-42.5 inches.. All sizes measured from the beginning of the strap (buckle not included) to the first/last belt hole(s) Please Note: For The Colors Of Brown Brindle Cow Hide Belts And White Brindle Cowhide Belts, The Straps Are Natural Cowhide So Do Expect A Huge Variation In Color/Shade As that Is the Beauty And Uniqueness Of Each Belt Strap.

96 Womens Cowgirl Western Belts Cowgirl Bling Belts Rodeo Belts

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