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Dantoy Large Toy Tipper Truck Great Sand or Made Popularity Water for Outstanding in

Dantoy Large Toy Tipper Truck, Great for Sand or Water, Made in


Dantoy Large Toy Tipper Truck, Great for Sand or Water, Made in

Product description

"Dantoy’s Vehicle Range engages your children for hours of creative play. The design encourages your kids to create endless imaginative games together and independently. Building children’s confidence and physical development through play, For the fun of it!

Playing Means Learning

Playing helps children to strengthen hand to eye coordination and develop their fine motor skills. Having a toy vehicle spurs kids imagination for hours of creative roleplay with friends and siblings as well an independently. Your children also develop fundamental communication and social skills for later in life from engaging playtime.

Strong and Durable

Dantoy has been designing and producing high quality toys in Denmark for more than five decades. As well as having high value play in mind, they are made to last. Using strong and sturdy moulded plastic to keep your child safe when they play.

Nordic Ecolabel

Dantoy ensures no harmful substances are used during the production of our toys. All of our toys are made with good, safe materials and do not contain PVC or phthalates. We are proud to be certified with the Nordic Ecolabel and make a conscious effort to reduce the environmental impact from the production of our toys. "

Dantoy Large Toy Tipper Truck, Great for Sand or Water, Made in

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