Lambs Ivy Wild Life 5-Piece Baby Th Indefinitely Bedding Protect Crib Set - Lambs Ivy Wild Life 5-Piece Baby Th Indefinitely Bedding Protect Crib Set - $98 Lambs Ivy Wild Life 5-Piece Baby Crib Bedding Set - Protect Th Baby Products Nursery Protect,/fairtime1439807.html,Life,Th,Ivy,Crib,$98,Lambs,,Set,Wild,Bedding,Baby,5-Piece,Baby Products , Nursery,- Protect,/fairtime1439807.html,Life,Th,Ivy,Crib,$98,Lambs,,Set,Wild,Bedding,Baby,5-Piece,Baby Products , Nursery,- $98 Lambs Ivy Wild Life 5-Piece Baby Crib Bedding Set - Protect Th Baby Products Nursery

Safety and trust Lambs Ivy Wild Life 5-Piece Baby Th Indefinitely Bedding Protect Crib Set -

Lambs Ivy Wild Life 5-Piece Baby Crib Bedding Set - Protect Th


Lambs Ivy Wild Life 5-Piece Baby Crib Bedding Set - Protect Th

Product Description

Wild Life Nursery Baby Crib Bedding

Purchases Help Support Endangered Animals

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund to help save endangered animals.

Wild Life 5-Piece Crib Bedding Set Description:

This five-piece crib bedding set includes one quilt (36” X 45”), one breathable 100% cotton fitted crib sheet (28” X 52”), one crib skirt, one wearable blanket, and a complete set of wall decals. Start teaching your child from a young age about protecting the endangered animals throughout the world with this socially responsible crib bedding set. You and your baby can sleep well knowing that a portion of the proceeds from the purchase of this set will go to support causes focused on helping endangered animals. The quilt features “Wild for Wildlife” embroidered in the center of a gray globe. A variety of protected animals are expertly appliqued and embroidered around the globe on the quilt. Included is a black and white panda bear, a textured elephant with gray minky ears, a yellow bobcat appliqued in curly boucle with black embroidered spots, a gray sea lion, a red panda with brown rings on his tail, a colorful sea turtle, and a pair of happy little penguins. A gray and white houndstooth flange separates the quilt from the gray border. The breathable 100% cotton fitted crib sheet features a variety of these rare animals. The fitted crib sheet has elastic all the way around ensuring a safe and secure fit on a standard crib mattress measuring 28” x 52”. The crib skirt is a gray and white houndstooth pattern with a white flange and finishes in a gray twill fabric, it has a 14.5” drop. Included in this bedding set is a 100% cotton interlock wearable blanket that is recommended for safe sleep for babies. It is approximately 27” long and is made in a soft heather gray. There is a light blue globe appliqued with the words Wild for Wildlife embroidered. Wall decals are a great way to make a feature wall in your child’s room. There are 3 peel and stick sheets which include a blue and gray globe that is 14” in diameter and says “Wild for Wildlife” in the center. Surrounding the globe are all the protected animals. These are easy to apply, create the look of a mural, and will not harm your walls.

About the Manufacturer:

Lambs amp; Ivy is proud to be a California based women founded and run business. Lambs amp; Ivy got its start in 1979 in a quest to bring the world high quality, fashionable nursery bedding, room décor and products for babies. Lambs amp; Ivy supports gender and racial diversity throughout everything that we do. We are proud to embody an economically and culturally diverse workforce that is over 50% female. This wonderful mix of backgrounds helps to infuse our products with international fashion trends which appeal to new parents. When you purchase from Lambs amp; Ivy you can feel good in knowing that you are not only getting high quality baby products, but that you are supporting a business that truly cares about its customers, employees, and the greater community. We have dedicated ourselves to being in tune with the changing trends and tastes of new parents. We understand the responsibility our customers place in us. As parents, we put our hearts and souls into what we create for children; as professionals we apply our expertise to deliver you the style and quality you deserve. Our unique combination of contemporary designs with old fashioned workmanship, personal service, and attention to detail will continue to distinguish us through our next 40 years and beyond.

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Lambs Ivy Wild Life 5-Piece Baby Crib Bedding Set - Protect Th

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