$21 Zoagear Single Speed Chainring 144 BCD 50 Teeth Fixed Gear Bike Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation shopping Zoagear Single Speed Chainring 144 BCD Fixed Bike 50 Gear Teeth Fixed,Zoagear,Speed,Single,$21,50,/fairtime1387107.html,Bike,144,Chainring,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Gear,exen.gr,Teeth,BCD $21 Zoagear Single Speed Chainring 144 BCD 50 Teeth Fixed Gear Bike Sports Outdoors Outdoor Recreation shopping Zoagear Single Speed Chainring 144 BCD Fixed Bike 50 Gear Teeth Fixed,Zoagear,Speed,Single,$21,50,/fairtime1387107.html,Bike,144,Chainring,Sports Outdoors , Outdoor Recreation,Gear,exen.gr,Teeth,BCD

shopping Zoagear Single Direct store Speed Chainring 144 BCD Fixed Bike 50 Gear Teeth

Zoagear Single Speed Chainring 144 BCD 50 Teeth Fixed Gear Bike


Zoagear Single Speed Chainring 144 BCD 50 Teeth Fixed Gear Bike

Product description

High Quality 144mm BCD chainring with 50 Tooth fits all 1/8" chain single speed bikes. This chainring is made in Taiwan by an ISO 9001 certificated manufacturer with the quality you can trust!

Zoagear Single Speed Chainring 144 BCD 50 Teeth Fixed Gear Bike

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