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Pearl Izumi Men's Infinity Intercool Sleeveless Shirt


Pearl Izumi Men's Infinity Intercool Sleeveless Shirt

Product description

ELITE Transfer fabric with In–R–Cool technology provides superior skin cooling and moisture management when you perspire Direct–Vent panels provide superior ventilation Screenprint design on the shoulder Reflective elements for low–light visibilityBody: 100% polyester/ UPF 50+Technology: Ice–fil Weight: 100 g/m2Mesh: 92% polyester 8% elastane/ UPF 50+ Weight: 185 /m2Semi–form fitBody: 100% polyester/ UPF 50+Technology: Ice–fil Weight: 100 g/m2Mesh: 92% polyester 8% elastane/ UPF 50+ Weight: 185 /m9

Pearl Izumi Men's Infinity Intercool Sleeveless Shirt

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Health and Fitness
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