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Free shipping Society6 Gale Switzer Agave Flare II 18

Society6 Gale Switzer Agave Flare II Peach Throw Pillow, 18" x 1


Society6 Gale Switzer Agave Flare II Peach Throw Pillow, 18" x 1

From the manufacturer

Don't Sacrifice Comfort for Style

throw pillow

Society6 offers throw pillows that can give any room a refresh, but more importantly, an extra dose of cozy. Browse through our independent artists' endless collections to find the style, color, and design made just for you. Individually cut and sewn by hand, each pillow is filled with a fluffy faux down insert to ensure that it doesn't just look good but feels good to purchase. What could be better? Knowing that with every purchase, you are directly supporting the artists who designed them.


Society6 Gale Switzer Agave Flare II Peach Throw Pillow, 18" x 1

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