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Giro 100 Proof Max 82% OFF Store Adult Cycling Winter Unisex Gloves

Giro 100 Proof Adult Unisex Winter Cycling Gloves


Giro 100 Proof Adult Unisex Winter Cycling Gloves

Product Description

100 proof winter bike gloves details
100 proof winter bike gloves specs
100 proof winter bike gloves features
100 proof winter bike gloves prrof winter bike gloves pivot 2.0 winter bike gloves knit merino winter bike gloves
100 Proof Proof Pivot 2.0 Knit Merino Wool
UPPER / OUTER SHELL Super Fit engineered split-finger design / High-loft Polartec Power Fill 135g Insulation (80% post-consumer recycled) / DDS Waterproof membrane / Reflective panel and details / Touchscreen Technology / Velcro adjustable cuff Super Fit engineered 5-fingered design / High-loft Polartec Power Fill 100g Insulation (80% post-consumer recycled) / DDS Waterproof membrane / Reflective panel and details / Touchscreen Technology / Velcro adjustable cuff Super Fit engineered three-panel design / Waterproof, breathable DDS membrane / PrimaLoft insulated upper offers warmth without bulk / Touchscreen Technology / Reflective detailing Premium New Zealand Merino wool / Rubber detailing on the palm for enhanced grip / Touchscreen Technology
PALM / INNER LINER Deep pile fleece lining / AX Suede Echo Diamond Grip palm Microfleece lining / AX Suede Echo Diamond Grip palm AGrid thermal fleece lining Knit New Zealand Merino wool
PADDING Optimized gel padding
TEMPERATURE RATING 20° TO 30° F / -6° TO -1° C 25° TO 35° F / -4° TO -2° C 35° TO 40° F / 2° TO 4° C 40° TO 55° F / 4° TO 13° C
SPORT Cycling Cycling Cycling Cycling
GENDER Unisex Unisex Unisex Unisex

Giro 100 Proof Adult Unisex Winter Cycling Gloves

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