Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Urban,$55,Cargo,Fit,Free,/cycling/communication,Straight,Trek,Haggar,Active,,Series,Ripstop $55 Haggar Active Series Free Trek Urban Ripstop Cargo Straight Fit Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Urban,$55,Cargo,Fit,Free,/cycling/communication,Straight,Trek,Haggar,Active,,Series,Ripstop Haggar Selling rankings Active Series Free Trek Cargo Fit Straight Urban Ripstop $55 Haggar Active Series Free Trek Urban Ripstop Cargo Straight Fit Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Haggar Selling rankings Active Series Free Trek Cargo Fit Straight Urban Ripstop

Haggar Max 44% OFF Selling rankings Active Series Free Trek Cargo Fit Straight Urban Ripstop

Haggar Active Series Free Trek Urban Ripstop Cargo Straight Fit


Haggar Active Series Free Trek Urban Ripstop Cargo Straight Fit

Product description

The Active Series™ Utility Cargo pant is a versatile, modern update to a timeless silhouette. Benefit from optimal storage with (7) pockets in a lightweight CoolRight stretch fabric, a slim, straight fit, and active flex stretch waistband that gives you up to 2 more inches when you need it most. The Utility Cargo moves with you and will be your new favorite casual pant when hiking, camping, skateboarding, working, playing, lounging and more.

From the manufacturer

The Active Series Free Trek Urban Cargo Pant

haggar utility urban cargo pant
Tech Pants, Mens Casual Pants, Haggar Mens Pants, Haggar Mens Active Pants, Active Pants for Men Elastic Waist Pants, Casual Pants Mens, Haggar Casual Pants, Mens Elastic Waist Pants, Mens Pants Tech Pants, Mens Casual Pants, Haggar Mens Pants, Haggar Mens Active Pants, Active Pants for Men Haggar Dress Pants, Dress Pants for Men, Mens Pants, Haggar Pants for Men, Haggar, Active Series Haggar Mens Pants, Casual Pants, Mens Casual Pants, Slim Fit Pants, Active Series Pants, Mens Pants Men Pants, Casual Pants, Mens Pants, Haggar Pants, Active Series, Casual Pants for Men, Haggar
Active Series Tech Pant Active Series Comfort Pant Active Series 5-Pocket Pant Active Series Performance Pant Active Series Urban Pant Active Series Urban Utility Cargo Pant
Fit Slim Fit, Flat Front Slim-Straight Fit, Flat Front Slim Fit, Flat Front Straight Fit, Flat Front Slim Fit, Flat Front Slim-Straight Fit, Flat Front
Waistband Active Flex Waistband; Up to 2" of stretch Active Flex Waistband with Drawstring; Up to 2" of stretch Active Flex Waistband; Up to 2" of stretch Active Flex Waistband; Up to 2" of stretch Active Flex Waistband; Up to 2" of stretch Active Flex Waistband; Up to 2" of stretch
Features FlexRight Fabric, Machine Washable, Hidden Zip Tech Pocket, Quick Dry FlexRight Fabric, Machine Washable, Zip Back Pocket, Drawstring Waistband FlexRight Fabric, Machine Washable, 5th Zip Pocket FlexRight Fabric, Machine Washable, Hidden Zip Tech Pocket CoolRight Fabric, FlexRight Fabric, Machine Washable, Secure Side Pocket CoolRight Fabric, Stretch Fabric, Secure Side Pocket

Haggar Active Series Free Trek Urban Ripstop Cargo Straight Fit

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