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Large OFFicial Tool Chest Over item handling Rolling Wheels Lar with

Large Tool Chest,Rolling Tool Chest, Tool Chest with Wheels, Lar


Large Tool Chest,Rolling Tool Chest, Tool Chest with Wheels, Lar

Product description


This tool chest can be placed in a garage, warehouse, utility room, etc.This tool chest is an ideal holiday gift for a friend, father or husband.Tip: To reduce the size of the shipping container, we put the top tool chest into the bottom storage box.


?The tool chest has 5 drawers, 1 top box drawer and 1 bottom box. Due to the different sizes of drawers, you can choose different locations to store different tools.

?The bottom of the tool chest has 4 wheels (2 movable and 2 fixed), and the side is equipped with handles so that you can easily move the tool chest.

?Easy to disassemble and assemble. Remove some screws and side panels, and then take the top cabinet out of the bottom cabinet. You only need a screwdriver to assemble according to the instructions, no other tools are needed. The top cabinet and the bottom cabinet are detachable, which can meet your individual needs.


Color: Orange

Material: Steel

Gross weight/net weight: 47.33 / 40.19lbs.

Upper box size: 17.72 inches (length) x 9.45 inches (width) x 12.80 inches (height).

Lower cabinet size (without casters): 20.67 inches (length) x 11.02 inches (width) x 24.80 inches (height).

Overall dimensions (with casters): 20.67 inches (length) x 11.02 inches (width) x 41.14 inches (height).

After-sale customer service:

If you are not satisfied or have any questions after receiving the product, you can contact us at any time, and we will provide you with a satisfactory answer within 24 hours.

Large Tool Chest,Rolling Tool Chest, Tool Chest with Wheels, Lar

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