$28,Strappy,Par,Women,Glittered,YooPrettyz,Heels,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,/article/65/3/493-495/,Bridesmaid,exen.gr,Sequined YooPrettyz Women Sequined Bridesmaid Glittered Heels Par Strappy Ranking TOP3 $28 YooPrettyz Women Sequined Bridesmaid Heels Glittered Strappy Par Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women YooPrettyz Women Sequined Bridesmaid Glittered Heels Par Strappy Ranking TOP3 $28 YooPrettyz Women Sequined Bridesmaid Heels Glittered Strappy Par Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $28,Strappy,Par,Women,Glittered,YooPrettyz,Heels,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,/article/65/3/493-495/,Bridesmaid,exen.gr,Sequined

YooPrettyz Women Sequined Bridesmaid Glittered Heels Par Strappy Ranking TOP3 Ranking TOP9

YooPrettyz Women Sequined Bridesmaid Heels Glittered Strappy Par


YooPrettyz Women Sequined Bridesmaid Heels Glittered Strappy Par

Product Description

Add a subtle lift to your ensemble with the women sandal from YooPrettyz Collection

sequined heel
nude heel

Add the right amount of appeal to your ensemble with the Elegant Sandal

Add the right amount of appeal to your ensemble with the Elegant Sandal. The glitter-embellished leather upper and a retro-inspired silhouette add eye-catching style to cropped jeans or midi skirts. This dress sandal is fashioned with adjustable ankle straps for trendsetting style.

YooPrettyz Women Sequined Bridesmaid Heels Glittered Strappy Par

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