Formaldresses Rainbow Maternity Evening Dress Waist Pre for High Max 82% OFF $69 Formaldresses Rainbow Maternity Evening Dress High Waist for Pre Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women High,Waist,,Formaldresses,$69,Rainbow,Maternity,for,Dress,Evening,/Bonapartean1693901.html,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Pre Formaldresses Rainbow Maternity Evening Dress Waist Pre for High Max 82% OFF $69 Formaldresses Rainbow Maternity Evening Dress High Waist for Pre Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women High,Waist,,Formaldresses,$69,Rainbow,Maternity,for,Dress,Evening,/Bonapartean1693901.html,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,Pre

Formaldresses Rainbow Maternity Evening Dress Waist Pre for High Max 82% OFF Some reservation

Formaldresses Rainbow Maternity Evening Dress High Waist for Pre


Formaldresses Rainbow Maternity Evening Dress High Waist for Pre

Product description

Formaldresses is an original western WOMEN DRESS maker. Wedding Dress,Evening Dress,Bridal Dress,Bridesmaid Dress, Long Dresses for mother of Brides,Prom Dress,Party Dress,Cocktail Dress,Homecoming Dress, Empire Waist Robes and even Wedding Sash Belt are available in our E-Shop. We Promise all of dresses are HAND MAKING and in SUPERB QUALITY .The designer choose HIGH-QUALITY material, like imported Tulle, beads, chiffon, sequins, satin ETC. As a nice and virtuous seller, we would like to meet every customer's satisfaction, including the expected color and fitness.

In order to make sure the dress fit you very well, it is so much appreciated that you MEASURE yourself professionally before buying online. Welcome to email us for help at any time. The MEASURE PICTURE and SIZE CHART are belong the main pictures of the dresses in the beginning of the website.
Customized Dress Needed:
1.Full Bust _____ inch or ___ cm
2.Waist _____ inch or ___ cm
3.Hips _____ inch or ___ cm
4.Height: _____inch or ___ cm
5.Waist to floor (Waist to Feet) ____ inch or ___ cm
6.Hollow (collarbone)to waist(Front Length Shoulder to Waist) _____ inch or ___ cm
7.Shoulder to Shoulder ____ inch or ___ cm
8.The heel of your shoes: _____inch or ___ cm
9.The date you need the dress_____

1.Please allow some color difference between the real dress and website owing to the computer resolution and other material reasons.
2. Accessories: The dress doesn't include any accessory, such as wedding veil,gloves, shawl, crown,etc.
3.Package included: Our dresses are folded for faster shipping. Please use steam to remove any wrinkles upon arrival.

Welcome to your email for any question.

Formaldresses Rainbow Maternity Evening Dress High Waist for Pre

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