$32 Japanese Samurai Poster Samurai Warriros Quotes The 7 Virtues of Home Kitchen Wall Art Japanese Samurai Poster Warriros Quotes price The of 7 Virtues 7,$32,The,Poster,Virtues,Quotes,Home Kitchen , Wall Art,Samurai,of,Samurai,Japanese,Warriros,/Bonapartean1693701.html,exen.gr 7,$32,The,Poster,Virtues,Quotes,Home Kitchen , Wall Art,Samurai,of,Samurai,Japanese,Warriros,/Bonapartean1693701.html,exen.gr Japanese Samurai Poster Warriros Quotes price The of 7 Virtues $32 Japanese Samurai Poster Samurai Warriros Quotes The 7 Virtues of Home Kitchen Wall Art

Japanese Samurai Poster Warriros At the price of surprise Quotes price The of 7 Virtues

Japanese Samurai Poster Samurai Warriros Quotes The 7 Virtues of


Japanese Samurai Poster Samurai Warriros Quotes The 7 Virtues of

Product description

Size:28 x 42 Inch

Bushido is the spiritual pillar of samurai class in Japanese feudal society. Originated from the Kamakura shogunate in Japan, it was formed by absorbing the thoughts of Confucianism and Buddhism in the Edo era, advocating loyalty, faithfulness, integrity, martial arts and reputation. The main requirements of Bushido are: righteousness, courage, benevolence, courtesy, honesty, reputation, loyalty and self-restraint. "Righteousness" is the most strict instruction in Samurai rules, which requires samurai to abide by righteousness and morality. "Bravery" requires the warrior to have the spirit of courage, perseverance, and high-strength martial arts. "Benevolence" makes the warrior not become a militarist warrior, but have the virtues of tolerance, love, sympathy and pity. "Propriety" is not only demeanor, but also the external expression of emotion and care for others. "Honesty" requires the samurai to be honest and get rid of the temptation from the merchant class. The consciousness of "reputation" contains the dignity of personality and the clear consciousness of value. It requires the samurai to be willing to give everything for the sake of reputation, and have the character of distinguishing right from wrong, keeping patience and perseverance. "Loyalty" is of supreme importance. It is the link between people in all kinds of situations. Loyalty to one's master is the creed that Warriors must abide by. "Self restraint" requires the samurai to restrain their selfish desires and not be influenced by their beliefs. Only in this way can they serve the monarch and protect their neighbors. Suitable places: Living room, bedroom, guest room, teens girls room, mens room, dinning room, bathroom, meeting room, hotel, restaurant, coffee bar, nurseries, inn, spa, hallway, corridor, salon, condo house and other spaces of home, office, business, relaxation places etc.

Japanese Samurai Poster Samurai Warriros Quotes The 7 Virtues of

Kask Bambino Pro Internal Spare Pad


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